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This past Sunday, Resurrection Sunday 2017, we celebrated together as the church our first baptism as a church. It was such a joy to rejoice in the fruit of the gospel in the life of a brother in Christ and now church members. My purpose in sharing this with you all today is first to hallmark that day for Sovereign Grace Church and for our brother who was baptized. It is good for us while moving forward sow seeds for the kingdom to look back and give glory to God in the fruit that He gives. All glory belongs to Him.

My second purpose in writing is to share our brothers testimony of the work of God's grace with you all. As we read it again and again, let us rejoice in the miraclous grace of God in salvation in bringing someone from death to life.

"I gave my learning self to that decay,
a dullness to my soul b'came, so that
through conscious resignation of my way,
content, this path of which the Lord begat,
that I, who lost in ways my own, be lead
and shown the well t'was mine was full, but full
of apathy, and not His body's bread.

My Shepherd with his Grace, He makes me whole,
His word becoming sweet, divine sustain,
Desire for Him, His kingdom be my heart,
And in His eye and they here I proclaim,
Immersed to die, here I of sin depart,

I'm birthed again, these struggles I endured
be God's design, so my immersion heard."